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Topics included in this Ballot Box do not reflect any vested interest or views of the site in general but those of our contributors and visitors.
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This section has been created to enable residents and visitors to have their say in the usual democratic manner by voting on both local and international issues affecting the future of Bo'ness, Falkirk District, in particular, and Scotland in general.

Topics to be voted upon are open to suggestions from visitors, and within reason, will be added either on a long term basis to collect the views over time or on a timed basis in cases where the content has a limited time span.

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Topic List

Closure of Kinneil Museum

Results to date

Give your opinion on the proposals by Falkirk Council to close Kinneil Museum in Kinneil Estate and move almost all the roman exhibits to Callendar House in Falkirk. Ballot


BP Pipeline Consultation Zone

Results to date.

Many believe the BP Pipeline has been a major contributory factor in the decline and degeneration of Bo'ness town centre for many years. Ballot


Bo'ness Local Plan - Drum Farm Business Park

Results to date.

Adopted in 1995 the Bo'ness Local Plan designated an area of Drum Farm to the south of Grahamsdyke Road, opposite the Drum housing development as suitable for and to be promoted as Prestige Business Park... there are proposals to re-designate as green belt. What do you think? Ballot

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War with Iraq
(added Friday 27 December 2002 - ends 31 January 2003)

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Is it inevitable that war with Iraq is just around the corner? What do you think?
The questions in this topic were suggested by 'Politician' on the Bo'ness 'SoapBox'.

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