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Up and coming existing and future projects in Bo'ness

At the Community Council meeting held on Wednesday 13 December Councillor John Constable gave his report outlining the status and position relating to existing and future projects in the town.

The following is an outline of the report.


Falkirk Council Officers reported that little was left in terms of negotiation and the start is expected early next year with February being targeted as likely start date.


Work on the Queen Mary building was scheduled to start in conjunction with the Waterfront Initiative and again targeted for February 2007.

THI (Townscape Heritage Initiative)

Work is proceeding with the hippodrome and various experienced people are coming forward to offer assistance with developing the history of the former cinema.

Extended streetscape work is again anticipated to begin in February.

Progress had been made with funding application for 15-22 North Street and around a dozen grant applications for both residential premises and shop fronts have been or being processed.

Works had been completed on the first grant application.

Douglas Park Proposed Play AreaDOUGLAS PARK PLAY EQUIPMENT

The three styles of Play Park agreed between Councillors and Officials have been presented to the two closest Primary Schools and St Mary's Primary which has a whole town catchment area.

Plans and drawings of the preferred design can be viewed here (pdf, 737k).


There has been growing concern expressed by members of the public and certain town centre traders over the danger caused by the speed at which some drivers enter South Street from the East.

There has been considerable discussion between Councillors, Officials and Central Scotland Police over developing a plan to address this problem.

A plan indicating the proposals which include an elongated nib, smaller nib and a zebra crossing accompanied the report and can be viewed here (pdf, 525k). These works will have no impact on the new streetscape initiative.


The very extensive Housing Improvement Programme amounting to circa £7 million over the last six years is continuing in the Hillcrest/Jessfield area with considerable works having been done or planned to enhance the appearance and safety of the exterior parts of the estate.

As part of these works a section of the peripheral wall on Linlithgow Road will be demolished and rebuilt together with the associated steps.

A safety barrier for these works is already in place.


The work base for composting activity is being laid. Bunds to screen site activity from the birds at the lagoon are either completed or nearing completion.

These works are being monitored by Falkirk Council, SNH and SEPA. It is anticipated it will be another two months before the site is ready and available for use.


Two projects totalling £110,000 are progressing.

The new kitchen has been installed and only snagging works remain with the kitchen becoming operational in January.

Moulds have been taken of the uprights of the balustrades but there is uncertainty over the manufacturing time. In any event the project will have to be complete by the end of March.

Due to recent reports in the local press regarding dissatisfaction with the Town Hall, although not regarded as entirely accurate, a meeting with the Cultural Services Manager, Officers, Councillors and all users will be held early in the New Year to review the matter.


Proposed Newtown Co-op CrossroadsContinuing criticism regarding the dangerous situation with parking in double yellow lines outside the Co-op on Linlithgow Road has resulted in proposals to install a crossing island and some road re-alignment to address the problem.

Design drawings accompaned the report and can be seen here (pdf, 338k).
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