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“ Drum” commended by Saltire Society


A new housing development at the Drum in Bo’ness has received a major accolade at Scotland’s top architecture awards. The Saltire Society’s housing design panel which has been giving awards to the best designed houses in Scotland since 1936 has commended the houses designed by Vernon Monaghan Architects. Karen Anderson, Convener of the Panel of experts, described the development as, “very interesting and forward looking. The Panel felt that a real attempt had been made to resolve the usual pitfalls of suburban speculative housing. We particularly liked the development of semi-private clusters of houses centred round a communal courtyard.”

The Bo’ness development was one of ten housing projects which received commendations and awards at the Saltire Society’s prize giving ceremony which was held last week in Glasgow’s prestigious Lighthouse centre for architecture and design. Other winners included the new Icon building located on the north bank of the Clyde in Glasgow city centre, and an upmarket block of flats on the waterfront at Leith.

Director of the Saltire Society, Michael Hance, expressed “delight” at the news that Bo’ness was amongst the winners. “I really am delighted to hear that Bo’ness has been chosen by our Panel. The Saltire Society has sought through these awards to encourage quality in new build housing. Too often we see shoddy developments which pay no heed to the country’s architectural traditions. Bo’ness seems to be bucking this trend and the town should become a model which architects elsewhere in Scotland look to for inspiration”.

Speaking after the awards ceremony, commended architect Vernon Monaghan, said, “We have tried to achieve a high quality outcome in Bo’ness. We are really pleased to hear that the Saltire Society’s panel has recognised that our efforts are worth praising.”

For more information contact:-

Karen Anderson, Convener, Housing Design Award Panel, Anderson, Bell, Christie
Tel: 0141 339 1515

Michael Hance, Director, The Saltire Society, 9 Fountain Close, 22 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TF
Tel: 0131 556 1836 or 07763 927759

Vernon Monaghan, 01294 270720

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* The Saltire Society was founded in 1936 to do everything possible to improve the quality of life in Scotland. Through its numerous awards it seeks to identify and reward excellence in the arts, science, architecture and civil engineering. The Society’s housing award was established in 1937. The Society’s Housing Design Award Panel is made up of professionals in the field of architecture.

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