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Drum Farm Appeal Upheld
The Planning Appeal by Grange Estate for Mixed Use Development comprising Residential, Business, Hotel, Leisure Facilities and Ancillary Works at Drum Farm, Bo'ness has been upheld by the Reporter, Malcolm Mahoney.
The determination, dated 2 November 2004, has been sent to all the main parties involved in the appeal process and will shortly be made available on the Scottish Executive planning web site.


There were 163 'letters of objection' of which 132 'being of similar format and content' and 31 individual letters.

There was one additional letter of objection from Councillor J Constable, convener of the Regulatory Committee of Falkirk Council.


In support of the application there were 39 letters, including one from the local MP and MSP, Michael Connarty and Cathy Peattie respectively.


Drum Farm masterplanIn determining the decision the Reporter, Malcolm Mahoney stated, "In exercise of the powers delegated to me I therefore allow your clients' (Grange Estates) appeal and grant outline planning permission for a mixed use development comprising residential, business, leisure facilities and ancillary works at Drum Farm, Bo'ness in accordance with planning application reference F/2004/0063 dated 30 January 2004..."


There are a number of conditions relating to the outline planning application which will have to be considered subject to the usual planning authority approval procedure.


The hotel element of the development as proposed has not been permitted primarily because, "The hotel/restaurant facility within the business park goes beyond the local plan allocation and the masterplan".


Malcolm Mahoney, Reporter, "I therefore find that the proposals are consistent with the development plan, albeit the most supportive component of that plan — the BLP (Bo'ness Local Plan) — should carry reduced, but still significant, weight. The business park element of the proposals is contrary to the provisions of the CDFCLP (Consultative Draft Falkirk Council Local Plan), but that carries only limited weight.

All elements of the proposals are in line with the masterplan for Drum Farm, which carries moderate weight. Other issues which have been raised carry only negligible weight or are not relevant. As the other material considerations do not justify an exception to the development plan, I conclude that the appeal should be allowed. I have taken account of all the other matters raised but find none that outweigh the considerations on which my decision is based."

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